21 January 2012

Assorted Pigs

Made of Hard Rubber - 60mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Auburn Rubber in the Late 1940's - Early 1950's

Made of Hard Plasric - 60mm Long - Unmarked
Probably Made by Auburn in the Mid 1950's

Made of Soft Plastic - 45mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Processed Plastics in the Mid 1970's

Made of Hard Rubbery Plastic - 55mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Ohio Arts in the Late 1950's

Made of Soft Plastic - 35mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Tim-Mee Toys in the Mid 1960's

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 30mm Long - Unmarked
From 'Pass the Pigs' by Winning Moves Games

Made of Soft Plastic - 20mm Long - Marked Hong Komg
Probably made by Blue Box in the Late 1960's

20 January 2012

Faucet Capsule Toy

Made of Hard Plastic - 25mm Long - Unmarked
From the Early 1970's

19 January 2012

Parachute Astronaut

 It's of my opinion that he once had a parachute attached to his back
- so you could throw him up and he would glide down..

Made of Soft plastic - 57mm Tall - Unmarked
His backpack is removable.

18 January 2012

Tim-Mee Toys Galaxy Laser Team

Made of Soft Plastic - Average 54mm Tall - No Markings
Released in 1978 during the 'Star Wars' craze these also sold under the name 'Space Force' and the more generic 'Space Figures',
They also came in a larger size with 127mm Figures and a 304mm Spaceship.

B.U.M. (Barcelona Universal Models) 0130 WW2 US Landing Group

Made of Soft Plastic - Troops 1/72, Landing Craft 104mm Long, Truck 65mm Long - Unmarked
The troops are clones of 'Matchbox P5002 American Infantry' .

17 January 2012

Toy Soldier SCUD Missle Launcher

Made of Soft Plastic - 115mm Long - No Markings - Made in China

Saga of Crystar - Lava Dragon Rider

Made of Soft Plastic - 90mm Tall - Marked '1982 Remco Hong Kong'
He is Missing his Whip.

Transformer - トランスフォーマー 2001

Made of Hard Plastic - 160 mm Tall - Marked '© 2001 Hasbro Inc - Made in China - © Takara 2001'

Board Game Volcano

From an Unknown Board Game (?)
Made of Hard Plastic - 135mm Long - Marked 'Made in China'
The little rectangular button fired something off the top of the Volcano.