16 April 2011

Converter1/Converter2 Dinosaurs

These Dinosaurs were released by the post soviet company Converter1/Converter.
The Allosaurus' were set #73 and stand 45mm tall.
The Triceratops was set #74 and is 30mm tall.
The triceratops was re-released by Архипелаг (Archipelago)in Russia as set #23 with clones of ESCI Barbarians.
Архипелаг also released other C1/C2 sets but not the Allosaurus.
Mars has re-re-released some C1/C2-Архипелаг sets but not the dinosaurs.

Ninja Capsule Toy

32mm Tall - Made of Rubbery Plastic - Made in China

15 April 2011

White Mechs

China - 50 mm - soft plastic

Co-Ma Spacemen

Made by Co-Ma of Italy - 4 of 6(?) - soft plastic - 30-35mm

14 April 2011

Spaceman Pencil Topper

Made of Rubbery Plastic - Marked Hong Kong CH - 30mm Tall

Update 02Aug11 It has been noted by Devlin Thompson  That this is a Kamen Rider - 仮面ライダ Figure.

Super Sentai Cake Toppers

They ar 60-70mm tall and marked ©2000 Saban - Bakery Crafts - China.

13 April 2011

Chex Green Martian Cereal Premium

18mm  - Hard Plastic - Semi Flat - No Markings
From the Chex Cereal 'Martians and Flying Saucer Catapult' Set - 'Space Patrol Toys' - 1973

Edited 13Feb12

12 April 2011

Cracker Jack Spacemen

Here are three of the Cracker Jack Spacemen in soft plastic - 45mm tall.

11 April 2011

dark dream studio alien mech

from the set 72001 - space battle federal & imperial forces - 1/72 soft plastic

Little Rubber Cats

These are made from Rubbery plastic - probably from Hong Kong and are 35mm tall.

10 April 2011

Mini Giant Robo Capsule Toys

These all came out of the same machines but different series were mixed together.
I think there were 5 sets with 4-6 per set. They are made of soft plastic and are about 40-50mm tall.
Many came with extra or missing parts.

This one transforms into a train.

A Super Sentai Knockoff.
This one transforms into a jet.