21 May 2011

Undead Pirates

Rubbery Plastic - 62-70mm Tall - Made in China

Uncle Wiggily Board Game Piece

Hard Plastic - 52mm Tall

Wicked Witch - Made in Spain by Exin

35mm Tall - Soft Plastic - No Markings
Update - Made in Spain by Exin and is part of a set that includes knights, a crossbowman, a mounted prince, princess and a ghost. They came with boxes of building blocks (like lego) that made up into a castle - Thanks to Brian Carrick for the info.

20 May 2011

Firemen 2

58mm Tall - Made of Rubbery Plastic - Marked '1987 Remco Toys' - 'Made in China'

Little Fighting Robot

25mm Tall - Soft Plastic - Marked ©1994 LGTI

19 May 2011

Wasp Friction Toy

60mm Lomg - Made in China - Body is Made of Rubbery Plastic While the Friction Mechanism is Hard Plastic.

Capsule Toy Robot Ball Shooter

Robots are Soft Plastic and the Ball is Hard Plastic - They are 40mm Tall - No Markings and were sold as Capsule Toys - When You Push a Button on Their Back the Ball Shoots Out.

These are bootlegs of B-Daman - ビーダマン. It was a marble shooting game by Takara - 株式会社タカラ. It was brought to the US by Hasbro. - It was spawned by a manga and anime and there was also a card game.

Updated 01Feb15 - thanks to anon


18 May 2011

Wind Up Robots 1

Hard Plastic - Marked ©1977Tomy Taiwan - 45mm Tall

17 May 2011

Medieval Game Pieces - Knights - Castle - Dragons.....

From and Unknown Game - Made in China - Knight 23mm Castle 65mm to Top of Flag - They Also Came in red, yellow, blue. {Castles and Bridges Are All the Same But Have Different Color Flags}

These are from the game 'Legends of Camelot' by Hoyle Productions.
Updated 15 Aug 12

Added Picture of Ladder - 44mm Long - Set Complete.
Updated 05 June 13