11 May 2011

Dimensions for Children (DIC) Lavaman and Knights

Lavaman is Marked
©DFC 1981 Hong Kong

The Knights are Marked

All are Soft Plastic - The Knights are 42mm Tall and the Lavaman is 54mm Tall

10 May 2011

Green Hornet Ring

Hornet is Rubbery Plastic Ring Part is Soft Plastic
45mm Wide - This was a Capsule Toy
Marked on Back


Super Space Soldiers

Soft Plastic - 25-30mm Tall - Unmarked

These are copies of the soldiers that came in Excite's set # 300120 'Soldier Force Military Men Playset".
Updated 15 Aug 12

Edited 27Oct13

09 May 2011

Mini Toy Soldiers form the 1990's

Tallest is 28mm - Rubbery Plastic - Made in China

Supreme Combat Zone Hong Kong Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier from the SUPREME Company Set - Combat Zone
Made of Rubbery Plastic - 35mm - Marked 'C1' - Made in Hong Kong - 1 of 4 in Set?


Mini Plastic Knights

30-35mm tall - Made in China - Rubbery Plastic