17 September 2010

LP Cake Toppers

Here are two cake toppers of a set of at least 8. they were made by LP in Hong Kong in the late '60's or early '70's.
The Goat is 60mm tall and marked LP B2 Made in Hong Kong.
The mouse is 50mm tall and marked LP B8 Made in Hong Kong.

Dunkin Bubblegum 'Bighead' Figures 1971 Spain

These figures were distributed with Dunkin Bubblegum in 1971 in Spain.
They were called Bigheads (Cabezudos)
The are copies of  figures distributed with RAJÁ ice cream in Portugal in 1969.
At that time they were called Pop Pallino and did not have the little rings in their head.
There are 16 figures in the set.

Updated 27 Sept 14

16 September 2010


Small pink tractors app. 20mm long with no markings.
I have no idea what that went to - possibly a game?