10 June 2011

Topps Rubber Uglies - #26 James

75mm Long - Made of Rubbery Plastic - Produced in 1967

As with the Monster Finger Puppets the Uglie also has the Mark Shown Below.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mini Shredder

60mm Tall - Made of Stiff PVC Like Material - Marked '2003 Mirage Studio Inc. PT1 China'

09 June 2011

War Planets Figures

Made by Trendmasters in the 90's - Made of Rubbery Plastic
Edited 20June11

From the Planet Ice Set

40mm Long
25mm Long

From the Planet Tec Set

30mm Tall
30mm Tall

From teh Planet Bone Set

30mm Tall

shytoons - has some prototype figures over on his flikr page - HERE - .

updated 01Feb15

07 June 2011

05 June 2011

Gundam Mecha Pencil Topper

Rubbery Plastic - 40mm Tall - Made in China
Thanks to Aikola for identifying this as a Gundam!