11 February 2012

Ahoy! Plastic Pirates! Part 5 - Mini-Fig With Shark And Plunder

Made of Hard Plastic - Pirate is 65mm Tall With Sword, Shark is 80mm Long, Cest is 40mm Wide - Unmarked

 Possibly 'Cobi' or 'Best Lock'

Edited 12Feb12
Thanks to Maverick Collecting for the Update

Ahoy! Plastic Pirates! Part 4

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 60-65mm Tall - Unmarked - Made in China

Ahoy! Plastic Pirates! Part 3

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 60-65mm Tall - Unmarked

Blue Black Widow Spider

Made of Soft Plastic  - 40mm Long - Unmarked
Possibly a Game Piece?

Squidsqueal Ghost - Kenner - Ghostbusters

 Squidsqueal Ghost from Kenner's 1989 'Real Ghostbusters: Screaming Heroes Egon Spengler' # 80670

Made of Hard Plastic - 80mm Tall - Marked '©1980 COL PICT'
Possibly From A Boardgame?

Edited 15May12 - Thanks to Bogleech for Extra info!

Parachuting Knight

Made of Soft Plastic - 65mm Tall - Marked 'MFG For Burger King Corp.© 2001 Dreamworks LLC'