21 January 2012

Assorted Pigs

Made of Hard Rubber - 60mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Auburn Rubber in the Late 1940's - Early 1950's

Made of Hard Plasric - 60mm Long - Unmarked
Probably Made by Auburn in the Mid 1950's

Made of Soft Plastic - 45mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Processed Plastics in the Mid 1970's

Made of Hard Rubbery Plastic - 55mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Ohio Arts in the Late 1950's

Made of Soft Plastic - 35mm Long - Unmarked
Made by Tim-Mee Toys in the Mid 1960's

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 30mm Long - Unmarked
From 'Pass the Pigs' by Winning Moves Games

Made of Soft Plastic - 20mm Long - Marked Hong Komg
Probably made by Blue Box in the Late 1960's

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