29 April 2011

Police - Polizia - 警察

Soft Plastic - Avg. 50mm - Made in China

Little Helicopters

The first is 55mm long - made of hard plastic - marked ©1997 Mattel Hot Wheels China.
The second is soft plastic 60mm and unmarked.

Pencil Topper Capsule Toy

Soft Plastic - 30mm - No Marking

28 April 2011

Space Explorers Comic Book Toys With Giant Brand Spacemen, Rocket Tanks, and Spaceship

Sold by BI-A-TOY Corp. in Comic Books in the Early 60's
All pieces are marked ©GIANT HONG KONG - They are made of soft plastic in app. 1/72 scale.

The Complete Set.
1 Space Rocket
4 Rocket Tanks
100 Spacemen

Comic Book Ad.

The Space Rocket - 165mm tall

The three different space rocket tanks - 80mm long

The Missiles - 40mm long

The Spacemen

A Mutated Spaceman!

Zombie Ring

Zombie Ring from a Capsule Machine - Marked © PPI China - Rubbery Plastic - 30mm

26 April 2011

Milton Bradley 'Broadside' Ship Gamepiece

Hard Plastic - Semi Flat - 40mm Long - Unmarked. It may be a game piece.
Updated 20May12
This is a gamepiece from the 1962 Milton Bradley Game 'American Heritage - Broadside'.
A game based on the naval battles of the War of 1812.

25 April 2011

Secret Sauce Agent - Jack in the Box Premium

Jack in the Box Restaurant Premium Bendy - 80mm - Rubbery Plastic
Made by Imperial Toy, Hong Kong.
Updated 12 May 12

Dark Dream Studio Alien Mech - 2

Also From the Set 72001 - Space Battle - Federal & Imperial Forces - 1/72 Soft Plastic

Baking Powder Submarine Cereal Premium

Soft Plastic - 75mm Long - Marked 36

24 April 2011

Small British Tugboat

Soft Plastic - 30mm Long - Marked 'Tug 1940 L.130 GRT 250 GT. BR.'