10 September 2011

Marx 60mm Combat GI's - Mold PL-383

These are Made of Stiff Plastic - They Were Made in Mexico from the Original Marx Molds in Very Bizarre Colors in the 1970's - No Markings

09 September 2011

Strike Force 1/72 Toy Soldiers

Made of Soft Plastic (truck body is metal) - Unmarked - Made in China

Distributed by Greenbrier Int.

The Gun, Bunker, Flag, and Vehicles are copies of Matchbox's 'Battle King' Series.
The figures are miniaturized versions of common Chinese dollar store soldiers.
Updated 15 Aug 12
Updated 27Oct13

Flag 35mm Tall - Men 20-29mm Tall

Bunker 35mm Tall - Artillery 65mm Long

Missle Launcher 95mm tall

Helicopter 90mm long