23 April 2011

Plastic Insect Game-pieces

Soft Plastic - 40mm - These are from a Game.

Brown Robo Spacemen Mechs

49 - 50 mm Soft Plastic - Marked ©2001 China and a Letter.
These are probly from the same set - or at least from the same company as the 'Siler Robo Spacemen Mechs' I posted yesterday.


22 April 2011

Mini Sentai Mecha

Soft Plastic, 50mm, Unmarked, with Movable Head - Waist + Arms.

Silver Robo Spacemen Mechs

Soft Plastic - Marked ©2001 China and a Number - 40-50mm High
(Edited 15June 11)


21 April 2011

Blowmold Mini Dino

Soft Plastic hollow blowmolded Dino/Zilla - 35mm tall - Capsule toy? festival toy? ?

Kaiju Bootlegs from Hong Kong

These are soft plastic that range in size from 40-60mm. Marked Hong Kong.
The one on the right is marked Hong Kong - the left China
The Rust Monster below is made of a more rubbery plastic though I think he was also made in soft plastic like the others.

20 April 2011

Chex Cereal Aircraft Carrier

This is soft plastic and 80mm in length.
It came in Chex Cereal in the early 1970's and had little planes which could be launched off of it. (a rubber band can connect inside)
-The planes have long since disappeared.

Hong Kong Space Toys - 1

Made of Soft Plastic and Marked Hong Kong - 45-60mm

19 April 2011

Quaker Oats - Cap'n Crunch - Soggy

Cereal Premium - Glow-in-the-Dark - Soft Plastic - 50mm

Diener Space Erasers

These were sold both in stores and in machines.

Lyra 4 - 40mm

Krygo 5 - 50mm

Altair 2 - 80mm

Dard - 50mm

Zama - 50mm

18 April 2011

Soma Robo Mechs

They are made of Rubbery Plastic - 50mm Tall - Marked SOMA CHINA and a Number


Hard Plastic Policeman

38mm high - Possibly a game piece?

17 April 2011

Gundam Horse Capsule Toy

Japanese Capsule Toy - Soft Plastic with Hard Plastic Accessories - 40mm Tall

Update 1 May 11 - Found his papers...

Blue Robo Mech

Blue Soft Plastic - Marked Hong Kong - 45mm Tall
There may have been somthing that attached to his back?