14 March 2014

Toysmith Battling Pirates (With Skeletal Warriors)

Made of Soft Plastic
Pirates are 42-64mm Tall - Marked 'China 1675.P1 and 'A' through 'F'
Skeletons are 44-65mm Tall - Marked 'China 1673.P1' and 'A' through 'F'

12 March 2014

Toysmith Guardian Knights

Made of Soft Plastic - 55-68mm Tall - Marked 'China 1674.P1' and 'A' through 'F'

10 March 2014

Unknown - Jeep, Artillery, and Soldier

Made of Waxy Plastic with Metal Axels and Hitches - Unmarked
These came in a lot of toys from the late 1950's
Soldier 11mm Tall
Artillery 35mm Tall
Jeep 46mm Long