18 January 2012

Tim-Mee Toys Galaxy Laser Team

Made of Soft Plastic - Average 54mm Tall - No Markings
Released in 1978 during the 'Star Wars' craze these also sold under the name 'Space Force' and the more generic 'Space Figures',
They also came in a larger size with 127mm Figures and a 304mm Spaceship.


VictoryBuy said...

Hi M-7,

We were able to get a small production run of the Galaxy Laser Team figures made using the original molds. Let me know if you'd like to review a set.

Thanks for posting the great pics of the originals.

M-7 said...

I'd be happy to review a set for you.
Did you cast the fighter jet also?
The larger figures?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had some of those. Remember playing with them at grandparents' house. Divided them in teams based on colors.

Never had the big ones, but remember seeing them. Forgot about the space ship until reading this blog.

VictoryBuy said...

Hi M,

Yes, the reissue includes two of the 'X-16' fighters. The molds for the jumbo figures were sent to Mexico, probably in the early 80's, so we won't be able to reissue those. You can contact me through the new GLT facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GalaxyLaserTeam

M-7 said...

Thanks for the update.