18 August 2012

TMNT - Sergeant Bananas Mutant Minion - Larry the Lemur

Larry the Lemur was released as a companion figure with Sergeant Bananas.
These are part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of toys  released by
Playmates Toys, Inc in 1991.

Thanks to the people at Little Rubber Guys for held identifying this.

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 55mm Tall - No Markings

17 August 2012

Dungeons & Dragons Raging Roper

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 160mm Tall - Marked 'TSR Hobbies Inc 1982 All rights reserved Made in Hong Kong'

16 August 2012

15 August 2012

Robot Alien Warrior

Made of Hard Plastic - 50mm Tall - Marked 'China'

Borden's Dairy Train Whistle

Made of Hard Plastic - 79mm Long - Marked 'Borden's'

Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle

Made of Hard Plastic - 55mm Long - Marked ' Oscar Mayer'

14 August 2012

Dragon Warrior

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 85mm Tall - No Markings

Safari Native Americans

Made of Rubbery Plastic - Tallest is 65mm

 Marked Safari Ltd. China - Deerhide
 Marked Safari Ltd. China - Powhatan Hunter with Bow
 Marked Safari Ltd. China - Powhatan Warrior with Battle Club


Possibly Blue Box.

Made of Soft Plastic - 50mm Tall - No Markings

13 August 2012

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Figures

These were a McDonalds premium.

Made of Hard Plastic

  97mm Tall - Marked 'Mfd for McD Corp ©1999 Saban China SN14'
 96mm Tall - Marked 'Mfd for McD Corp TM ©1999 Saban China WS08'

Little Green Aliens

Made of Hard Plastic - 67mm Tall - Marked '©1998 Empire Inc. Made in China'

Pirate Ring Capsule Toy

Made of Soft Plastic - 35mm Tall - Unmarked