07 June 2013

Rat Fink Ring and Key Fob

Made of Soft Plastic + A Hard Plastic Ring Section - 35mm Tall - Unmarked

I think this is a booteg
Made of Soft Plastic - 32mm Tall - Unmarked

Chex Agent Decoder Ring

Made of Soft plastic and Cardstock - 22mm - Marked 'Chex Agent'

Moon Landing Flicker Ring

Made by Vari-Vue
'The Eagle Has Landed'
Made  of Hard Plastic - 20mm Tall - Unmarked

Tudor - Tru Action Electric Baseball Game Figure

Made by Tudor Games in 1958 - They also came in yellow.
Made of Hard Plastic - 27mm Tall - Unmarked

Updated  23:50

Turquoise Racetrack Flagman - Tennis Player?

He's missing his flag or racket.
Made of Soft Plastic - 40mm Tall - Unmarked

Marx Calvery Horse

Made of Soft Plastic - 74mm Long - Unmarked

Marx Rodeo Animals

Made of Soft Plastic - 103mm Long - Unmarked

Bucking Horse
Made of Soft Plastic - 85mm Long - Unmarked

Rearing Horse
Made of Soft Plastic - 95mm Tall - Unmarked

Marx First Series Cow

Made of Rubber - 72mm Long - No Markings

Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 60mm 50mm - Marked 'KPS©1980

Gundam SD (SDガンダム) Cycles

Made by Bandai
Made of Rubbery Plastic

85mm Long - Unmarked

50mm Long - Marked '©SA>S>TX 04B. China'

Duskmon (闘士ダスクモン) Figure from Digimon Frontier (デジモンフロンティア)

Made by Bandai
Made of PVC - 80mm Tall - Marked '30902'

Edited 08jun13

Obelisk the Tormentor (オシリスの天空竜) Figure From Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王)

Made by Mattel
Made of PVC - 52mm Tall - Marked '©96KT China 2RP

MagnetMan.EXE Figure From MegaMan Battle Network

Made by Bandai / Capcom
Made of PVC - 50mm Tall - Marked '©c/sst'

Thanks to bigazzhead at Little Rubber Guys for Help identifying this.

Siege (包囲) Figure From Bakugan Battle Brawlers (爆丸バトルブローラーズ)

Made by Sega
Made of Hard Plastic with a Magnet Inside - 65mm Tall - Marked '090605WS'

06 June 2013

'Battle Cry' Civil War Game Pieces - Original Style

These are from the Milton Bradley Game #4115 Battle Cry made in the 1960's
It was rereleased in the 1990's by Avalon Hill with different pieces.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Figure

He came in the set 'Godzilla King of the Monsters' Magic Rocks by Crafthouse in 1995
Made of Hard Plastic - 90mm Tall - Unmarked

Thanks to Devlin Thompson for help identifying this.

Bootleg Godzilla

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 110mm Tall - Marked 'Made in China B'

Pee Wee's Playhouse Playset Figures

Magic Drawing Board
Made of Soft and Hard plastic - 95mm Tall - Unmarked

Terry Teradactyl - Body is Made of Hard Plastic and Contains a Windup Mechanism, The Head is Made of Rubbery Plastic - 85mm tall - Unmarked

Friendly Fridge - Made of Soft Plastic - 100mm Tall - Unmarked

HK Painted Knights

Made in Hong Kong
Made of Soft Plastic - Standing App. 50mm Tall, 75mm Tall with Horse - Unmarked

Dollar Store Knights

Made in China
Knights are Made  of Rubbery Plastic The Horses are Made of Hard Plastic - 85mm 90mm Tall - Unmarked

Star Wars Unleashed Kashyyyk Clone Troopers and Battle Droid Figures

These are from set 2004-08 (SX55)
Made of PVC - 60mm 50mm 60mm Tall - Marked '©2005 LFL Hasbro China'

X-Men Evolution - Mystique Premium

A Burger King Premium
Made of Hard Plastic + PVC - 102mm Tall - Marked 'Mfg for Burger King Corporation Xmen Evolution TM&© 2001 Marvel Characters Inc. Made in China C-03-15'

05 June 2013

Shego From 'Kim Possible'

A McDonald's Premium From the Series Kim Possible
Made of PVC - 103mm Tall - Marked '©2003 Disney mfg for McD Corp China TW MC HDE'

Flying Fish

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 65mm long - Marked 'China'

Strike Force Jet AF01

Made of Soft Plastic - 74mm Long - Marked 'Made in China'

Micro Machine Klingon Ship

Made of PVC - 52mm Long - 'Marked China'

04 June 2013

Assorted Sports Figures

Unknown Footballer
Made of Soft Plastic - 42mm Tall marked 'Hong Kong'

Unknown Baseballer
Made of Soft Plastic - 45mm Tall - Marked 'Made in China'

Papco Footballer
Made of Soft Plastic -  57mm Tall - Marked 'Papco ©'
Ajax Footballer Copies
Made of Hard Plastic - 55+40mm Tall - Unmarked
54mm Tall
Lido Baseballer
Made of Soft Plastic - 60mm Tall - Unmarked


Made of PVC - 77mm Long - Marked 'Caterpilla China C'