03 May 2014

Star Trek The Next Generation - Borg

Made of Hard and Soft Plastic - 120mm Tall - Marked '©1992 Par. Pic. Playmate Toys 001283'

02 May 2014

Toy Soldiers Made in China - 25

6 Matchbox American Infantry, and 5 Desert Storm Figures.
Made of Soft Plastic - 37-55mm Tall - Marked 'Made in China''

Toy Soldiers Made in China - 24

An Airfix 2nd Series British Paratrooper Clone, 4 Matchbox American Infantry Clones, and a Desert Storm Figure.
Made of Soft Plastic - 26-47mm Tall - Marked 'China'

01 May 2014

Green Blowmolded Rhino

Made of Soft Plastic - 68mm Long - Marked 'China'

29 April 2014

Yokian Action Figure With Glow in the Dark Goooze

Made of Hard Plastic and Containes Slime/Goooze - 105mm Tall - Marked
'2001 Paramont Pictures and Viacom International Inc  ©2001 F.C. Made in China'
Made by Mattel, From the Movie - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
The Goooze has long since turned to a brittle mass.

27 April 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王) Premiums

Winged Kuriboh  Pull-Back Racer Toy
Made of Hard Plastic - 110mm Long - Marked 'Tokahasi NAS/TV Tokyo
MFD for McD's 2006 China CEW Chine JE2'