21 April 2014

'Toy Story' Aliens

Made of Soft Plastic - 65mm Tall - Marked '©Disney MFG for Burger King Corp Made in China KY-09 21 BK Kids Club TM'

Made of PVC - 43mm Tall - Marked '©Disney / Pixar China A4 CE'

Made of PVC - 65mm Tall - Unmarked

Made of PVC - 42mm Tall - Marked '©2004 Disney/Pixar Hasbro China'

Made of Rubbery Plastic - 60mm Tall - Marked '©Disney China B.F.I.'

Made of Hard Plastic - 80mm tall - Marked 'Disney/Pixar Mfg for Kellogg Co. Kg4 C-TM'

Made of Soft Plastic - 65mm Long - Marked '©Disney'

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