11 February 2012

Ahoy! Plastic Pirates! Part 5 - Mini-Fig With Shark And Plunder

Made of Hard Plastic - Pirate is 65mm Tall With Sword, Shark is 80mm Long, Cest is 40mm Wide - Unmarked

 Possibly 'Cobi' or 'Best Lock'

Edited 12Feb12
Thanks to Maverick Collecting for the Update


Maverick Collecting said...

Hi dude - the figure of the pirate isn't Lego, he has a nose and a rounded foot, I'd say Cobi or Best Lock

Cheers H

M-7 said...

Thanks for the info - Lego's are not my strong spot..

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps the pirate is Playmobil. The shark and treasure chest are definitely Lego. So, obviously not from the same set as the pirate.

M-7 said...

These definitely came as a set.