12 May 2012

Airfix 1/72 WW2 US Paras Toy Soldiers

Made of Soft Plastic - Tallest is 21mm - Unmarked
Updated 13 May 12 - Thanks to Maverick Collecting for the update.


Maverick Collecting said...

These are the Airfix US Paratroops, check out PSR for the full set.

M-7 said...

Damn, your right -
I poured through PSR trying to find these and...!!!
One of the only Airfix sets I never had as a kid...
Thanks for the info!

Maverick Collecting said...

Pleasure - People used to think one colour was rarer than the other, but I think they appear in a pretty equal ratio, in 1:32 scale however the green is less common. It's noted for being (along with the French Imperial Guard) one of the few 54mm sets that had most of the HO/OO poses...I think they dropped the prone poses?