15 May 2012

Sailor Moon Gashapon Series 2 - Bandai HGIF - (セーラームーン ガシャポン 2)

Made of PVC - Marked '© T.P.TAT B. CHINA'

Sailor Saturn (セーラーサターン Sērā Satān) 150mm Tall
Sailor Pluto (セーラープルート Sērā Purūto) 135mm Tall
Sailor Uranus (セーラーウラヌス Sērā Uranusu) 95mm Tall
Sailor Neptune (セーラーネプチューン Sērā Nepuchūn) 100mm Tall
Sailor Chibi Moon (セーラーちびムーン Sērā Chibi Mūn) 80mm Tall & Luna (ルナ Runa) 30mm Tall
 Super Sailor Moon (超セーラームーン Chou Sērā Mūn) 110mm Tall


Sailor Moon said...

Wow, I like to have Sailor Moon Gashapon too! When I was young, I used to collect Sailor Moon stuff and now I wwant to have those too!

M-7 said...

Yeah this set has become uber expensive and very hard to find - the saturn figure is highly sought after..