19 May 2011

Capsule Toy Robot Ball Shooter

Robots are Soft Plastic and the Ball is Hard Plastic - They are 40mm Tall - No Markings and were sold as Capsule Toys - When You Push a Button on Their Back the Ball Shoots Out.

These are bootlegs of B-Daman - ビーダマン. It was a marble shooting game by Takara - 株式会社タカラ. It was brought to the US by Hasbro. - It was spawned by a manga and anime and there was also a card game.

Updated 01Feb15 - thanks to anon



Anonymous said...

what are these called??

M-7 said...

I don't recall they came in capsule machines in the mid-90's.

Anonymous said...

They are called B-Damans I remember owning anot arena for those as a kid

M-7 said...

Thanks for the info --- Been wondering about these for years.