11 May 2011

Dimensions for Children (DIC) Lavaman and Knights

Lavaman is Marked
©DFC 1981 Hong Kong

The Knights are Marked

All are Soft Plastic - The Knights are 42mm Tall and the Lavaman is 54mm Tall

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Anonymous said...

These originated with DFC's "Dragonriders of the Styx" and other fantasy playsets, plus bagged figures (20 figures per bag. There was also a 3 3/4" scale action figure line.

The knights here must be later runs or copies/alterations. Originally, the one knight had an halberd, not a pitchfork, and the other a straight long sword, not a scimitar.

I recall seeing the knights in party favor sets in the 1990's.

Lavamen (Flamemen) are among the less common figurines in the series. Not sure they were available outside of the playset "Fires of Shandar".