21 September 2010

Real Squish Bugs 'Clones' - Monster Insect Capsule Toys

Well the title says it all.
There were 5 of these - I'll post pictures of the other two - when I find them>> they're here somewhere..

Part 2

Updated 14May12

These are cloned versions of 'Real Squish Bugs' made in 1996 by Empire Industries - about the same time I found these in a capsule machine. These may not be from the same molds. The originals have a valve on the bottom of the bug to insert slime fluid, which could ooze out their mouth. These have niether the valve or hole in their mouth.

Thanks to Bogleech for extra info!


Blackstork999 said...

What copany made or makes these,and how old are they?

M-7 said...

There is no makers mark - they were sold in capsule toy machines about 1995-6.

Bogleech said...

These use the same molds as "Real Squish Bugs," a licensed toy line from the late 90's. They originally came carded with tubes of slime you could fill them with. I guess when the line failed, they sold off the molds and they were bought up by a generic manufacturer.

M-7 said...

Thanks for the info!